The Event in Detail

Friday Night at Clun

Entering Clun from Craven Arms (B4368) after the chapel on the right, turn right into Ford Street. Turn right again at the T-junction. The hall is on the left (137/302811) before the Youth Hostel. Postcode for your Sat Nav: SY7 8NY.

Please park closely together and away from the playing field, or as directed by a Marshall. Note that both the hall and the playing fields may be used for other events during the weekend. Please note that if you need access to your car before other entrants arrive back at Clun on Sunday morning, then please make this clear to the Marshals, otherwise your car may be blocked-in.

On arrival, please register and receive your checkpoint control card.

There are no cooking facilities available to participants, although we will do our best to provide tea/coffee and biscuits up until 10:00. Meals are available at The Sun Inn and The White Horse Inn although it may be prudent to book beforehand as demand is likely to be high.

The simple accommodation comprises the floor of the hall: please bring an airbed or ‘Karrimat’ and a sleeping bag. Sleeping is mixed, non-segregated.

Sleeping in cars and campervans is allowed in the car park.

Those wishing to sleep in tents may do so on the edge of the playing field, but all tents must be taken down prior to departure from Clun.

Lights-out is strictly at 10:30 p.m. and late arrivals must use the designated area and maintain silence. Mobile phones, beeping watches and all other alarms and similar devices MUST be disabled within the hall after 10:30. We reserve the right to deny access to any participants not complying with these requirements.

Saturday Morning, Clun Memorial Hall

Reveille will be at 03:15.

A light breakfast of tea or coffee with toast and marmalade, jam or honey will be available.

By 3:45 a.m. areas of the hall will be designated for walkers’ own food and equipment to be transported to CPs 2 and after, and for Aberystwyth Halls. Please note that:

  • Beds, bedding and towels are provided at Aberystwyth and therefore airbeds, sleeping bags etc should be left in participants’ vehicles at Clun.

  • Please exercise restraint in the size and weight of your luggage, all of which needs to be manhandled to/from our luggage van at both ends of the event.

  • All equipment to be forwarded to CPs must be clearly marked with the participant’s name and entry number.

  • Equipment deposited at checkpoints will be forwarded to Aberystwyth as the event progresses.

  • Note that equipment cannot be transported between checkpoints.

  • The Organisers will do their best to ensure that walkers equipment is secure. However, we cannot accept any liability for late delivery, damage or loss of equipment or possessions at any stage during or after the event.

Those not staying in the hall overnight but joining the event at Clun Memorial Hall on Saturday morning should plan to arrive no later than 0345. This should allow appropriate time to register, drop their bags for forwarding and snatch some breakfast.

Any tents must be taken down prior to departure. Please note that no personal belongings, other than those destined for checkpoinits and Aberystwyth, can be left at Clun Memorial Hall.

At approx. 04:10 a.m. participants will be directed to cars, minibuses or coaches, located in High Street, Clun, for the journey to the starting point of the walk at Anchor on the Welsh border.

Saturday Morning, Anchor

The coaches will drop entrants by the Anchor Inn. Please walk down the hill to cross the border bridge, gathering on the road thereafter to await departure. 

Those joining the event at Anchor – multiple crossers or those residing locally – should plan to arrive no later than 0450. Those not having registered should do so immediately on arrival.

A final check of entrants’ tallies with then be carried out. Your cooperation to complete this process with speed and efficiency would be appreciated. A barrier will be employed to separate checked from unchecked: please stay within the appropriate zone until all checks are completed.

Following any final notices, the Organiser will start the event and define the official start time.

Saturday on the Route

The description of the recommended route will be sent out a couple of weeks before the event. Maps showing this route will be available for reference on the evening before the event. Participants are free to vary the route but all checkpoints must be visited.

Locations and opening times of checkpoints are as follows:


OS Explorer (Landranger)


Open time

Close time

Section (miles)

Total (miles)


214 (136)
SO 173855

Anchor Bridge






214 (136)
SO 077862







214 (136)
SN 975867







214 (135)
SN 857870

Hafren picnic site






213 (135)
SN 753862

Nant-y-moch dam






213 (135)
SN 684863

Bont-goch (Elerch)






213 (135)

Clarach Bay





Entrants are required to present their tally for punching on arrival at each CP and on departure from CPs 2 – 5. These tallies are the prime means of maintaining the disposition of each entrant and therefore must be kept secure during the event.

Adverse Weather Procedures

From CP3 to CP4 the route crosses the mighty Plynlimon which, at 2467ft, is the highest point in the Cambrian Mountains. In adverse weather, this stretch can be difficult to navigate and may be exposed to high winds, mist or heavy rain, and in the worst case, all three elements. Under these conditions, the Organisers reserve the right to invoke a phased approach to maintaining safety as follows:

  1. Grouping of entrants between CPs 3 and 4.
  2. Partial or total suspension of departures from CP3 pending improvement of conditions.
  3. Total suspension of the event at CP3.


Grouping, if invoked, will be mandatory, and all members of each group,  led by a volunteer, preferably with experience of the route, must stay together until arrival at CP4. The Organisers reserve the right to disqualify those not adhering to the instruction to group. Clearly such a procedure requires the cooperation of all concerned with differing paces, experience etc. and relies upon the willingness of entrants to act as both Leaders and Followers. However this procedure is key to maximising the safety of all concerned and, under such circumstances, both cooperation and understanding of everyone is requested.

In the case of suspension of the event at CP3, the Organisers will do their utmost to provide coach transport for entrants between CPs 3 and 4. Under such conditions the event will be deemed to have contained a mandatory road transport section in lieu of this section and certificates of completion will still be issued.


For the safety of participants, the following items must be carried:

  • Full OS map coverage of the route based upon a combination of 1:50,000 Landranger maps 135, Aberystwyth and 136, Newtown and Llanidloes, 1:25,000 Explorer maps 213 Aberystwyth and Cwm Rheidol, 214 Llanidloes and Newtown, or their earlier Pathfinder equivalents.
  • compass, torch, whistle & pocket first aid kit.
  • a mobile phone, bearing in mind that coverage is poor in this area and cannot be relied upon.
  • appropriate weather-proof clothing and, for those wearing shorts, a pair of trousers.

Note that the organisers reserve the right to carry out kit checks before and during the event.

The last two miles of the event traverses an often busy stretch of road leading to resort of Clarach Bay which is narrow and potentially dangerous after dark. The use of high visibility clothing and torches by participants completing the event after dusk is strongly recommended.

The use of GPS navigation receivers is allowed as an aid to safety but not as a substitute for map, compass and appropriate navigation skills. Co-ordinate data for the route is available and will be circulated to entrants prior to the event.

Retirement and emergency procedures

In case of retirement from the event not at a checkpoint, please:

  • contact event control using the telephone number printed on the checkpoint control card
  • give your name, entrant number, mobile number, location and national grid reference
  • STAY PUT unless you are otherwise directed.

In areas where mobile phone coverage is poor, such information should be provided to event control by SMS/text message.

Following retirement, entrants will be transported to Aberystwyth at the earliest opportunity.

In case of emergency, contact the appropriate emergency service and, if possible, contact event control as above.

Saturday Afternoon/Evening, following arrival at Clarach Bay

Walkers will be transferred from the Finish to Aberystwyth University halls by minibus or car. On arrival, room keys should be obtained from event control in Penbryn Halls. Note that in Penbryn Halls, bathrooms facilities are shared between blocks of 6 – 8 rooms

Unfortunately, Penbryn Halls have no facilities for the preparation of food.

Note that additional single rooms for friends and family following the event are available as additional options, inclusive of breakfast.

Please also note that rooms are available for nights prior to the main event, principally for those supporting or attempting multiple crossings. Please see details on the entry system.

There is no official ‘lights-out’ but participants are requested to keep noise to a minimum after 10:30 p.m.

Sunday Morning, Aberystwyth University

A choice of full or Continental breakfast will be available in Ta Med Da, Penbryn Hall, between 0800 and 0900.

Participants are requested to clear their rooms before 9:30 a.m. bring their bags to the foyer of Penbryn Halls and, importantly, hand-in their room keys to the organisers at the earliest opportunity. NB Loss of room keys will incur a charge of £40.

At 9:30 a.m. there will be a ceremony in Lecture Theatre A12  (opposite access road to Penbryn Hall) at which certificates will be presented. Badges will be available for purchase at this time.

At approx. 10:30 a.m. participants will join either minibuses or a coach for the return journey to Clun.

AND THAT’S IT! – if you would like to enter, please see ‘Booking information’