Terms and Conditions of Entry

Whilst the organisers, The Across Wales Walk Association, will take appropriate steps to ensure the safety and welfare of participants and their possessions, no liability can be accepted for loss, injury or illness however this may arise.

Entrants participate in the event entirely at their own risk.

Refreshments available during the event may be of commercial or home-made origin, potentially presented under adverse conditions, and are therefore offered in good faith but without guarantee.

The organisers reserve the right to: 

  • suspend participants who, based upon the judgement of the organisers, are unfit to continue or are likely to exceed or have exceeded the closing times of checkpoints.
  • suspend or curtail the event due to inclement weather or other conditions posing excessive risk.
  • disqualify participants not adhering to The Country Code, the instructions of the organisers, essential equipment requirements, applicable bio-security precautions, or the spirit of challenge walking events. On disqualification, any obligations of support to entrants, whether implied or otherwise, may be withdrawn by the organisers. 
  • cancel the event at any time if, due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. fuel supply crisis, recurrence of Foot and Mouth Disease/Covid, low demand etc.) running of the event is not operationally viable. Under such circumstances, the Organisers will make best endeavours to advise entrants using e-mail, mobile text message or phone using details provided by entrants at the time of application.

Entries are welcomed from both walkers and runners. However, all entrants must be both sufficiently experienced and in possession of an appropriate level of fitness and endurance to complete this event with a moderate level of confidence. NB The Across Wales Walk is not suitable as an introduction to long-distance or challenge walking.

Entrants must abide by any instructions, including a recommendation to discontinue the walk, as given by the organisers or checkers before or during the event.

Entrants must not retire from the walk without advising the organisers using the procedures described.

If responsible for a walker under 18 years of age (max 2 per adult) the responsible adult will accompany this walker throughout the event and, if the responsible adult retires, then all entrants for who they are responsible must also retire unless another entrant is willing to take on responsibility for them.

If entrants withdraw from the event before the closing date, a deduction of £10 will be made from any refund provided; no refunds will be provided for withdrawals after this date.

Privacy Statement

The Across Wales Walk Association is an unincorporated association, the primary objective of which is to operate, develop and promote the annual challenge walking event known as The Across Wales Walk.

Personal data provided by members and participants in AWWA events is used solely for the administration of the Association and its activities. These uses include registration for and safe participation in AWWA events, for contact in emergencies, and for communications to participants regarding the event. Such data is held on both paper and IT systems. It is also open to scrutiny by the members and participants, routinely reviewed, revised and, where necessary, deleted and destroyed.

Personal data provided to the AWWA will only be used for the above purposes and will not be communicated to other AWWA members or participants. Key personal data will be shared with other organisations assisting AWWA in the operation of events, specifically RAYNET (who take a key role in communications and incident management) and entry management organisations with whom the organiser engages. All external recipients must commit to appropriate control of personal data. Personal data will not be disclosed to any other persons or organisations outside the Association without members’ or participants’ express permission.

The prime method of communicating instructions to participants in AWWA events is via the e-mail address provided at the time of application. It is a condition of entry that participants are willing to receive such e-mails. However no other e-mails unrelated to participation in AWWA events will be sent, nor will e-mail addresses be disclosed to any other outside organisations.

Requests for the revision of either personal data or disclosure preferences should be submitted to the AWWA. Such revisions will be implemented within one month. Personal data may also be archived.

The Association Chairman holds the position of Data Controller.