AWW People

This page contains information on some of the people and associations involved in the Across Wales Walk.

Stuart Lamb

Stuart’s involvement with the Across Wales Walk started in 1982 when he and his wife-to-be, Judith, successfully completed the 19th Across Wales Walk. Then in 1984 (after volunteering to take charge of the Club’s printing press – a major mistake!) Stuart was persuaded to lead the organisation of the 22nd Across Wales Walk in 1985. Organisation of the 23rd and 24th Across Wales Walks followed before taking a ‘back-seat’ for the Silver Jubilee event in 1988. Although deeply involved in the intervening years, Stuart has been in charge of the Across Wales Walk again since 1996. Stuart retains a passionate love for the ‘Across Wales’ and the country through which it passes. He has also been responsible for a number of developments over the years, aiming to have something innovative available for each event. Stuart’s wife Judith is also actively involved, but most famous as the provider of the renowned bread pudding which is offered at some checkpoints; the only reason some people come back each year!

Bob Gold

Bob is probably the longest-serving active member of West Birmingham Hostelling Group, being first involved with the 3rd event in 1966, and has organised the event on many occasions. Bob shares a passion for the event and has successfully completed it on six occasions and twice on a motorbike just for fun! However, Bob’s greatest contribution in recent years has been the revision of the route north of Llanidloes including extensive liaison with landowners and footpath authorities.

Neville Tandy

In the field of long distance walking in mid-Wales, the name that most often springs to mind is that of Nev Tandy. Not only did Nev organise two of the most prominent challenge events in mid-Wales each year, the ‘Reservoir Roundabout’ and the ‘Mid-Wales Mountain Marathon’, but Nev also held the record for the highest number of successful completions of the Across Wales Walk: 1997 marked his 31st completion of the event from 32 starts! Nev missed the 35th Across Wales Walk in 1998 but in 1999 he was back again, only to retire at CP5, just 7 miles from his 32nd completion of the event! Proof indeed that the event was very tough in 1999! Nev and Ann retired from the organisation of challenge events and moved from the West Midlands to Ann’s native Isle of Man. Regrettably Nev passed away in 2013, but he will always be remembered for his humour and commitment to both our event and challenge walking in mid-Wales.

Neville and Ann Tandy at Clun. 2000 AWW

The ‘Double Crossers’

See the page dedicated to double-crossing.

North Dyfed and North Powys Raynet Groups

In many ways these groups are the unsung heroes of the Across Wales Walk. On a purely voluntary basis, members of these two groups of the Radio Amateur Emergency Network have provided excellent communication facilities between checkpoints throughout each event since 1986. Prior to Raynet’s involvement, communications were a perpetual problem, particularly getting from one side of Plynlimon to the other! Nowadays, Raynet provide dedicated radio relay stations in obscure locations to ensure that the message always gets through.

Long Distance Walkers Association

If you are into one-day challenge walks in Great Britain, then LDWA membership is highly recommended. ‘Strider’, the association’s magazine is produced three times each year and is the best ‘clearing house’ for information on all aspects of this activity. In addition, it’s a darn good read putting many other outdoor publications to shame in terms of both the quantity and quality of its content.

So even if you are just an ‘armchair’ walker, the modest membership fee is one of the best bargains available.

For membership details, contact Geoff Saunders, 117 Higher Lane, Rainford, St Helens, Merseyside WA11 8BQ. Tel 01744 882638. Link to LDWA web site